Exploring the legacy of the American Civil War
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January 1, 2014

HOUSTON, TX – With thousands of books already published about the American Civil War, why should another be written? Because historian Walter Coffey delivers a history of the conflict in a unique monthly chronology in The Civil War Months: A Month-by-Month Compendium of the War Between the States. The war’s months make up the book’s chapters, beginning with January 1861 and ending with May 1865. In this way, Coffey places less emphasis on exact dates while telling the story of the conflict from a chronological perspective.

As a historian of the Civil War, Coffey has a deep appreciation for the war’s continuing impact on American culture. "The war shaped the American identity like no other event, marking a shift from the founders’ vision of what America should be to the America of today," says Coffey. In The Civil War Months, he takes readers on a detailed journey from the causes of the war to all the military, political, economic, and social events that shaped the conflict. These include some details that Coffey says are left out of most mainstream texts, such as:

  • Both Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis lost young sons during the war
  • Confederate General Robert E. Lee faced intense southern criticism for military failures in the war’s first year
  • An Ohio congressman was banished to the South by Lincoln for opposing the war

By offering readers a comprehensive, chronological perspective on the war, Coffey believes The Civil War Months is the general reference and resource guide about the Civil War that readers are looking for. "In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, it's important for people to learn about their past, and this book tells of that past in rich detail," says Coffey. "People need to know not only how such a terrible war nearly destroyed America, but how that war has pervaded American politics, society, and culture to this day."

Coffey has been studying the Civil War for over 20 years, and has written numerous articles and essays about the conflict. He is an award-winning author of works pertaining to both the Civil War and American history. Published by AuthorHouse, The Civil War Months is available at all major online bookstores, through the publisher, or through the author’s website at


Walter Coffey was born in Joliet, Illinois and graduated from both Joliet Junior College and Loyola University of Chicago. He is an award-winning author of both fiction and non-fiction. His work has earned critical praise from The Quincy Writers' Guild, ForeWord Reviews, Indie Excellence, and Walter is a member of the Sons of Union Veterans who has also been recognized for his work with the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

For over 20 years, Walter has studied works exploring various events in American history by Larry Schweikart, Thomas Woods, Jr., Howard Zinn, Jay Winik, David McCulloch, and Arthur Schlesinger. Civil War writers that have influenced Walter include Shelby Foote, Bruce Catton, and Ulysses S. Grant (memoirs). Fiction writers include John Jakes, Michael Shaara, and Owen Parry.

Walter’s latest book is titled The Civil War Months: A Month-by-Month Compendium of the War Between the States. It is a comprehensive history of the conflict presented in a monthly summary. The Civil War Months is available at all major on-line bookstores.

Walter values the individual liberty that the U.S. Constitution was designed to protect. His website at explores the history of American liberty by featuring articles from the perspective of less government and more freedom. Walter currently resides in Texas with his wife Gianna, and he can be contacted at


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The Civil War Months was named 2012 Finalist for Book of the Year in History by ForeWord Reviews.

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The Civil War Months was named 2012 Finalist for Book of the Year in History by Indie Excellence.

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