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The Civil War This Week: August 25-31, 1864
Fighting erupted outside Petersburg, and Democrats held a national convention as Federals closed in on Atlanta...

Vetoing the Bonus Bill
President James Madison vetoed a measure that would have created a national public works program based on a literal interpretation of the Constitution.

The Civil War This Week: August 18-24, 1864
The Battle of Weldon Railroad occurred outside Petersburg, and Federals secured Mobile Bay, Alabama...

The Northern Secession
Before the southern secession and the Civil War, the first real secession threat actually came from the North.

The Civil War This Week: August 11-17, 1864
Federals and Confederates maneuvered in the Shenandoah Valley, and William Sherman's Federals continued advancing on Atlanta...

Mr. Madison's War
At President James Madison's urging, Congress declared war on Great Britain in 1812. There were several reasons for going to war, but the conflict was largely unnecessary...

The Civil War This Week: August 4-10, 1864
Federals scored a dramatic victory at Mobile Bay, and Radical Republicans denounced President Lincoln...

This site features the work of Walter Coffey, an author who has written several works of historical fiction and non-fiction, mostly involving the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. Much of the information on this site won't be found in mainstream history books because it is written from the founders' perspective of less government and more freedom. 

Articles pertaining to American history from the founders' perspective of less government and more liberty

The Year-by-Year History of American Liberty
A comprehensive digest of events in American history (1770-2013) presented from the founders' perspective...

The Year-by-Year History of the Civil War
A comprehensive digest of events related to the Civil War (1848-1877) from the founders' perspective...


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