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Walter will be signing and selling his books at the 3rd annual Civil War Symposium in Jefferson, Texas on Saturday, August 9. The symposium theme will focus on the 150th anniversary of the Red River Campaign. More information can be obtained from the press release, or by clicking here for event details.


Walter's latest book, The Reconstruction Years, recently received a 5-star review from Readers' Favorite, the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet! Check out the review here.


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The Civil War This Week: July 28-August 3, 1864
Fighting continued around Atlanta, and a Federal disaster occurred in a crater outside Petersburg...

The Barbary Wars
In the early 1800s, the U.S. employed military force to stop piracy in the Mediterranean without a congressional declaration of war. This set many important and dangerous precedents.

The Civil War This Week: July 21-27, 1864
Battles raged around Atlanta, and fighting occurred in the Shenandoah Valley...

The Founders on Nullification 
In 1798, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison argued that states have the right to nullify federal laws deemed unconstitutional. That argument is still invoked today.

The Civil War This Week: July 14-20, 1864
A beloved Confederate commander was dismissed, peace overtures failed, and fighting erupted outside Atlanta...

Liberty Threatened by the Alien and Sedition Acts
Less than 10 years after the founding of the  American Republic, a series of federal laws threatened the freedoms supposedly guaranted by the new U.S. Constitution...

The Civil War This Week: July 7-13, 1864
Fighting erupted outside Washington, and Jefferson Davis expressed concern about Confederate prospects in Georgia...

This site features the work of Walter Coffey, an author who has written several works of historical fiction and non-fiction, mostly involving the Civil War and Reconstruction eras. Much of the information on this site won't be found in mainstream history books because it is written from the founders' perspective of less government and more freedom. 

Articles pertaining to American history from the founders' perspective of less government and more liberty

The Year-by-Year History of American Liberty
A comprehensive digest of events in American history (1770-2013) presented from the founders' perspective...

The Year-by-Year History of the Civil War
A comprehensive digest of events related to the Civil War (1848-1877) from the founders' perspective...


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